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356CAR Membership Information

Joining 356CAR is easy and ownership of a 356 Porsche is not required for membership. Annual dues are $15 for the eNewsletter and $21 for the hardcopy newsletter and payable on July 1 of each year. The eNewsletter is available a few days before the paper copy of the newsletter reaches you. Multiple year memberships are welcome.

Until a our new website is up and functional, a paper membership form will always be available:

Membership Application.pdf

If you are already a member, look at the mailing label on your newsletter to check when you need to renew. If you subscribe to the eNewsletter send an email to Phil Rowe to check on your membership status.

Update your membership profile or email address!

It's easy to your membership information by email! Send you name and information you wish to update (address, phone, email address, etc) to Fred Huberty.

Subscribe to the 356CAR "eNewsletter"

Our eNewsletter (in PDF format) offers a number of advantages for members as well as the club:

•Full color, active web and email links and the ability to print individual pages from your Acrobat Reader application
•Instantaneous availability 3-5 days before the hardcopy
•Past issues readily available on the website as archived copies (see below)


356CAR Merchandise Available from L.L. Bean!

356CAR has set up an account with L.L. Bean Direct to Business so that members can purchase a wide variety of clothing items customized with our 356CAR logo embroidered on it.  The selection of clothing can be found in the L.L. Bean Direct to Business online catalog that is very similar to the main L.L. Bean catalog. Once an item is selected you can work with the sales representative to choose the logo in colors you prefer to create a suitable contrast with the item you have chosen.  While your total cost is dependent on the cost of the clothing item plus the cost of the embroidery, the club has already paid the initial embroidery set up fee.
To order apparel items:

First visit the L.L. Bean Direct to Business website and select from the online catalog. 

Then call their account representative at 800.554.4071 and tell her you want to buy an item under the “356 CAR CALIFORNIA ALTA REGION” (Customer No. 7309979974/Design No. 94497).  To pay for the item, you will need to provide a credit or debit card and a shipping address. (Orders of 6 or more of the same item in the same color reduce the embroidery cost from $12 per item to $5.50 per item.  So it pays to get together with a group of friends who wish to order the same items (e.g. hats or jackets of the same color.))


Need a 356CAR Name Badge?

Name badges are available for $9 + $2 postage. You may order badges by contacting Fred Huberty via email.



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