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356CAR Logoware

Choose Your Own Custom LL BEAN 356CAR Logo Wear! 

Select your item from the LL Bean Business catalog: www.llbeanbusiness.com  

Once an item is selected you can work with the sales representative to choose the logo in colors you prefer to create a suitable contrast with the item you have chosen. While your total cost is dependent on the cost of the clothing item plus the cost of the embroidery, the club has already paid the initial embroidery set up.

How to order your 356CAR Logo wear:
1) First visit the L.L. Bean Business website: www.llbeanbusiness.com 
to select your item(s) from the online catalog.

2) Then call their account representative at 800.554.4071 and tell her you want to buy an item under the “356 CAR CALIFORNIA ALTA REGION” (Customer No. 7309979974/Design No. 94497). To pay for the item, you will need to provide credit card information and a shipping address.

Orders of 6 or more of the same item in the same color reduce the embroidery cost from $12 per item to $5.50 per item. Get together with a group of friends who wish to order the same items (e.g. hats or jackets of the same color.)

356CAR Grill Badges

A limited number of high-quality cloisonné 356CAR grill badges are available while the current supply lasts. Cost is $20.

If you are interested, please contact Fred Huberty via email for details.

356CAR Name Tags

Magnetic name badges are available for $9 (+ $2 shipping) from our membership chair Fred Huberty. One name tag is provided to new members free of cost at the time of joining the club.

To order additional name tags, send your check for $11/badge (made to “356CAR”) with your desired name(s) to: 

Fred Huberty 
13286 Lake Wildwood Drive
Penn Valley, CA  95946

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

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Technical Articles and Resources

Trip Spares and Tools

A reprint from a previous CAR newsletter by Paul Resigner. Great suggestions for putting together a travel kit with spare parts specific to your car.

356 Safety Check

Compiled by Ted Blake, Sacrameto. A quick checksheet to make sure your car is ready for the road.

356 Ingition Tune ups 

An excellent discussion of various available parts for our engine electrical systems. By Steve Douglas.

356CAR Board Minutes

The recent minutes of 356CAR Board meetings are available for review.


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