President: Barney Speckman

1st Vice President: Ed Morris

Secretary and Insurance: Kent Anderson

Treasurer: Elaine Cannon

Newsletter Editors: Lou Fifer, Bob Cannon

Director at Large: Jim Reeder

Website: Bob Cannon

Membership: Phil Rowe

Events: Rich Peters, Ron Delmendo

356CAR Mailing Address: 2660 Nighthawk Way, Camino, CA 95709

Minutes from recent 356CAR Board Meeting: download here

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Membership Information

Join 356CAR! Ownership of a 356 Porsche is not required for membership. Annual dues of $15 for the eNewsletter and $21 for a hardcopy newsletter are due on July 1 of each year. Multiple years dues are welcome. Online membership form on Membership page.

Event Insurance Information

There are three types of 356CAR events for which our insurance coverage requires that established policies and procedures be followed:

(1) Non-competitive driving events (e.g. tour, "mystery drive", etc.) 
(2) Competitive driving events (e.g. rally, auto-cross, etc.) 
(3) Events in which the event venue and/or sponsor requires a certificate of insurance coverage (e.g. parade laps of a race course during a competitive event lunch break, concours, etc.) 

All type (1) and (2) events require the use of waiver of liability forms.  All type (2) and (3) events require that we notify our insurance carrier no less than 10 working days in advance via an event insurance order form. Waiver forms, event insurance order forms and the specific procedures to be followed in each case can be obtained from the Safety Committee chairman,
Kent Anderson.  Event organizers should request forms and assistance far enough in advance to ensure that the 10 working day deadline can be met.

Important Note: All Waiver and Assumption of Risk forms must be originals obtained from the Safety Committee Chairman. Reproduced copies are not valid for insurance purposes.